negative tendencies

   "The Greatest American Band"  - ALJ
"The best indie band this side of the universe"  - Norm, Desperado Revue
the lyrics
                                                                                                                                 10    11    12

Their legendary first record!  The last
rock hope?  You bet your ass.  Includes
Missing Link, Wild Tomorrow, Sensation,
Some Kinda Night, You Turn My Pages
The Truth Is In The Hooks
includes Argue, Feuilles (Can't
Wait), All Along, Until We See
The Sun, Getting To The Bottom
Political Concept Album - pulls no
punches.  Includes Ding Dong
Motherfucker, Kavanaugh, Lights
Out For The GOP, MAGA's Lament

Spectacular Goulash
includes Guitars on the Loose, I was
Raised When the Music Was Good,
You're An Asshole, Smitty Was Right

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