These quotes below are all spontaneous and unsolicited. Thanks to everybody who has ever listened.

I've honestly had his songs in my head since the first listening. - Wheels Carbyde

You speak beautifully and eloquently through your music, in both shouts and whispers.  - Jasmine Tea

Arrangements that remind the listener of the best days of the Beatles, while the outstanding lead guitar work is not only unique in it's form, but completely redefines how lead guitar should be applied to pop music.  He can also command the attention of an audience with only an acoustic and vocals, and this is something few people can do well..  And lyrically, Father Time has easily equalled some of the greatest lyricists ever in pop music. - Gregg of Sterling30

Scott has the kind of attitude that created Rock and Roll in the first place. - Edison Freeman

I dug them (your songs) and I wouldn't say that if I didn't fucking mean it.  - the late Jim Carroll (about my project with the band Coloured Vinyl)

the true American icon.  and I do think he rocks, like mad.   - Carol Lowery Styles

Father Time is an internet legend - Phil Frazier

Your band, Negative Tendencies is the best band in the nation.  -
 American Lesley Jane

If anyone combines the spirit of Evel Knievel with Dylan, Johnny Rotten and Neil Young, it's Scott.   If anyone is close to being the Internet Dylan, FT is the one.- Flametop Fred

He was the most famous, important handle to ever come along.  Why else would everybody spend so much time posting about him?  A one man industry, he carried the hopes and dreams of countless "me too" lil' angry mobbers on his mighty one hundred foot tall bad, bad man shoulders.  It doesn't matter if Time likes it, or if you like it, he is simply the BIGGEST name in the OMD world.  - Jingo

This perfect poet just lets it happen. Everything is original and magical.  The lyrics he comes up with amaze me each time. (on the song Virtual Star) - This song has given me hope in music, hope in love and hope in the future, hope in dreams and everlasting worlds that may never last without people like Father Time.  I can see those worlds and don't want them to come crashing down. I want to hang on to virtual stars.- Zeeza

raw, real, gritty, and believable. FT is an icon for indie. Take a good look at your own lives and music, because none of you are any better that i have heard, not one!  - Fred Thorne (Noah Spaceship)

I listen to Father Time's music because there's truth to it. Real happenings. Storytelling. A life. Interesting. A learning experience. Enlightenment.  - Ash Ferry

His lyrics are fresh, original, and he tells great stories.  - Lana Crowley

It has to be said - Scott is a great songwriter - I have seen it for quite a while.  - William Read

FT is the symbol of indie. should have been signed ages ago...  - maitre ka-fu

But there is only one last rock hope.   - Mike Burn

I am impressed, this is one of the best productions I have come across on and or anywhere else, and that is speaking from 25 years of recording and producing experience with everything from little porta-two units to 2-Inch 16 track to 32-track Adat.  - Weapon X (about Scott's cover of Rock and Roll Woman)

He writes great lyrics - Ben Marble (The guy who said "Go fuck yourself, Mr Cheney!")

The CD has vision.   That's the shit right there..  (about the song All Along) - Tao Jones

After dispelling all the pre-conceptions of what the future of rock would sound like, there is something there. It's quirky, catchy, and above all, it's honest. - Dan Lemon

Awakening Day is a great song. The song grows on you and he might actually have a hit there. - Moontan

I like many of FT's songs because they have good stories and catchy melodies - he also sings with so much character and conviction - Jillianne Wright

Despite the flack you get, you ARE a Net-Star, you know, already. - Doug from Pigtale

He is a great songwriter - JDR

He writes great hooks - Silversmith

Your music reflects true genius.  I have to hand it to you, you made OMD a freakin' art form. I've felt this for a long time, but now here's my opportunity to give voice to it: someday, OMD and the power of individual musicians will have toppled the big stupid record labels. It will probably be chaotic, but musical/artistic freedom will reign. And when people peer into the past to track the history of this movement, they will see you as the man who was there from Day One, a true innovator. Props to you, man. Major props. We never saw "eye to eye" on anything, you and I.... but I recognize your power and brilliance, and honor your place in music history.  - Jack Hobson Dupont

I am really starting to like the voice of Father Time. it has great warmth and personality - quite similar to the feeling I get from hearing Roger Waters sing. Bottom line: VERY good songwriting and very interesting voice. - Martin of Bassic

I really think that Scott has something. And I think that's why he bugs you all so much.  - Paul Wehage

The tunes never stop, the rockin driven guitar is almost holy. - d.miller

We all know who the future of Rock is. - Zap

Don't you know that FT is the Marquee Dude around here?  You better ask somebody!  - Paradise ( Moderator)

The Sisters of Sharon are considering bedding the Future of Rock - bbChris

You have many great songs.  You are truly rock's last hope, FT!  - Mark Hewer

He may not be your cup of tea.  But he's undeniable.  - Flatcat (owner of VS Planet)

hi Scott, i've sure heard your name a few million times over the past few years. you are indeed an internet legend. - Bud Bennett

How does it feel to have arrived at the summit, be the numero uno dude, the flagship act, the poster boy, the spearhead, the most recognized name in the OMD world, the Marquee Dude? - Stik

yes, you are the future of Rock here; and well deserved too.... - David Blumberg (#1 ranked promoter

FT = God -  Rob Tognoni

You must understand that an ASTOUNDING number of us judge OMDs, people and other objects by their relationship to FT.  - Ric from Our Religion

Scott never promised us a technical tour de force. He never promised us pristine production. He promised us rock.  How can you not like this album ?  Stuck in my Head alone is worth the price of the CD.  Is this the future of rock ? Maybe.  - JMP

Ah, let 'em talk about me. Just makes me more famous. Of course, I don't think I can catch up to Scott, but what the hell. - Rod Underhill (one of the founders of

Father Time, I think that name is known by more people online then the name Bill Gates - KMP

It never claims to be what it is not. What it did remind me of was the good ole days when we were practicing in our school's basement. Father Time sounds a thousand times better, but the energy, earnestness, and the drive is all the same. - March

So far I've played it for a few people, and before the album's over they are smiling, tapping their feet and telling me they enjoyed this . . Who is it ? . . It's different - It's fun.  - JSD

stellar guitar solos - Buddy

I'm a big fan of your lyrics.   Decades from now, looking back, I think FT will be the name we all remember from this place (  - Rick from Paris of Air (co-founder of

That light at the end of the tunnel? That is the Father Time train coming right at you! - Sonusman

I have been toying with the idea of a 24 hour a day Internet Radio Station devoted to the movements of FT etc ... I don't think you can really call that stalking from a fans viewpoint ... - Peelspeed

Remember when rock music was fun? When you looked forward to an album coming out like it was Christmas morning? And then when you got it and played it, the whole thing seemed greater than the sum of the parts? Well, this is kinda like what Father Time delivers here. - Bill Wright (the Wright Stuff) - about FT's first CD

i decided to check you out and listened to songs "so reluctant" and "too stupid"  i was well impressed of the music you create - the guitar sounds, production, lyrics, and your voice.  and the best compliment i could give is that you are the nearest person on this site to the beatles. i will be checking your new release tomorrow as i think your music is the high standard that i hope we could reach one day.  - beatwave

YOU ARE the Marquee Dude!!  - Larree

No one is more famous than FT. - Cybernetic Organism (FT-cyberstalker who posted FT's pic over 500,000 times at during his dayjob working at Bank of America)

What more can you say about the most prolific Indie writer alive? Sometimes I think Father Time is so diverse that he, like one theory concerning Shakesphere believes, was really like 11 guys all contributing their best efforts.  He's the Silver Surfer of Rock. - Sandman

FT is a really cool guy, love him or hate him, you just gotta understand that he's one of the most exciting people around here. He keeps you on your toes whether you like it or not.  Anyway FT, you totally whoop ass musically and you ain't afraid of nothin, that totally rocks. - MC Paperclip

"Stuck in My Head" is a very well written song. It does remind me of John Lennon and Bob Dylan. I like it a lot and it does get stuck in your head! -

You know I can still remember when FT first showed up, and nothing was ever the same again. - Jools of Blue Union

internet legend and superstar.  The guy has a gift, let's face it.  - Dave Walton (founder of Artist Launch)

THIS however, is the quintessential FT song.  It sums up the whole thing, the total experience of the Internet musician. It's a work of genius, and I would not bs you about it. Lest you stupid fucking putrid bullocks think I'm kidding, I'm not. I'm deadly serious.  If you can't see what FT has done here, it's you who are terminally dimwitted.  This is it. The essential musician's internet experience. - Lyin Dan (about the song Virtual Star)

Lots of people have said of FT that "negativity follows him wherever he goes..."  This is usually said by the people who follow him wherever he goes.. - Panick

No one can hold a candle to you when it comes to the truth - Steve Iannetti

I'm not gonna apologize for believin' I'm the future of rock.  (from the song Not Gonna) - Father Time (Scott Stambaugh)